Attention Home Sellers – Home Staging Has a 586% Return on Your Investment!!

Home Staging has a 586% return on investment for home sellers and is not a luzury in this marketplace. More and more Realtors are starting to include a home staging consultation as part of their home’s marketing package and most sellers do not want to be left out. The difference a professional, expert home stager with experience can make is absolutely amazing. For around $400 most homes can undergo a home staging consultation in the New York or New Jersey area and two to three hours of “hands-on” staging prior to its’ first Open House.

Virtual Shows Sell Your Home Faster

virtual shows will help to sell your property faster, potential buyers like online pictures and virtual shows so they can see the home online first. Your online presence is what sells your home.

Home Staging in New Jersey and New York

Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign appears to be spending more time staging home lately and with the addition of virtual shows and semi-custom window coverings, we really can meet all the homeowners needs in preparing the home for sale.

A Good Internet MLS Presence Will Help Sell Your Home!

If you are planning on selling your home, your online MLS pictures are very important. The pictures are more important today than they were 5 or 10 years ago due to the importance of Internet technology in today’s society. Please prepare your home before you take your Internet pictures. Remember, your Internet pictures are what attracts potential buyers into your home.

Digital Styling Services – Virtual Tours to Sell Your Home

home staging virtual tours are now available for FREE at Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign.

Does Home Staging Really Work?

This is a question most Realtors and home sellers constantly ask themselves. In this market, I guess we cannot blame them for wanting to save there money.  A professional home stager is trained to look at your home objectively, address traffic flow issues, address maintenance issues, ensure there are no odor issues, make sure thereContinue reading “Does Home Staging Really Work?”