Commercial Office Space Updates Make a Huge Difference

2020 has been a very interesting year for all of us filled with surprises – both good and bad. The corporate workforce has taken a turn away from requiring employees to be at the office everyday and has embraced a “Remote Workforce Strategy.” During this time, with many employees being encouraged to work from home,Continue reading “Commercial Office Space Updates Make a Huge Difference”

Enter to Win Home Decor Items at Project Decor

Project Decor is running a sweepstakes for the next few weeks.  The winner will receive all the home decor items in the bag they select. Project Decor carries home decor items from many manufacturers and shipping is always free.

Where Can You Hang a Holiday Wreath – Home Decor Tips?

Since Christmas is fast approaching, many home owners are planning their Holiday festivities.  In my house, we always decorate for Christmas as a family and enjoy using both “old” and “new” decorations to complete the look. Wreaths have always been a favorite Holiday decoration for us because they are so versatile and can be usedContinue reading “Where Can You Hang a Holiday Wreath – Home Decor Tips?”

Hudson Valley ~ Professional Color Consultations

Picking paint color can be very difficult, allow Kate’s Home Staging and Redesing to help take the guesswork out of your home design and decorating.

A Good Internet MLS Presence Will Help Sell Your Home!

If you are planning on selling your home, your online MLS pictures are very important. The pictures are more important today than they were 5 or 10 years ago due to the importance of Internet technology in today’s society. Please prepare your home before you take your Internet pictures. Remember, your Internet pictures are what attracts potential buyers into your home.

Does Home Staging Really Work?

This is a question most Realtors and home sellers constantly ask themselves. In this market, I guess we cannot blame them for wanting to save there money.  A professional home stager is trained to look at your home objectively, address traffic flow issues, address maintenance issues, ensure there are no odor issues, make sure thereContinue reading “Does Home Staging Really Work?”