Do You Have the Vision for Your Home Renovation?

Home renovation requires many things, from a budget, good tradesman, and the vision of the finished product. Do you have the vision for your home renovation project? Can you picture the finished space during the construction phase? Do you know how you plan on using your new space once it is completed? Before you startContinue reading “Do You Have the Vision for Your Home Renovation?”

Commercial Office Space Updates Make a Huge Difference

2020 has been a very interesting year for all of us filled with surprises – both good and bad. The corporate workforce has taken a turn away from requiring employees to be at the office everyday and has embraced a “Remote Workforce Strategy.” During this time, with many employees being encouraged to work from home,Continue reading “Commercial Office Space Updates Make a Huge Difference”

Orange County Home Decorating – Update Your Space with Project Decor!

As an Orange County home decorator and stager, my clients always ask how can a room be updated? In my opinion, high-end style can be achieved by mixing higher end pieces with less expensive pieces. Spending a little more money on a higher-end couch and pairing it with trendy, lower cost accent tables can completelyContinue reading “Orange County Home Decorating – Update Your Space with Project Decor!”

Rockland County Decorating Help – Design Your Own Spaces at Project Decor.

I am a member of Project Decor’s Style Exchange and have been enjoying creating design boards using various furniture styles with accessories. Recently, I have been designing spaces with Benjamin Moore wall paint colors.  This further helps my clients understand what a vital role color can play in pulling an entire space together. Here areContinue reading “Rockland County Decorating Help – Design Your Own Spaces at Project Decor.”

Where Can You Hang a Holiday Wreath – Home Decor Tips?

Since Christmas is fast approaching, many home owners are planning their Holiday festivities.  In my house, we always decorate for Christmas as a family and enjoy using both “old” and “new” decorations to complete the look. Wreaths have always been a favorite Holiday decoration for us because they are so versatile and can be usedContinue reading “Where Can You Hang a Holiday Wreath – Home Decor Tips?”

What Steps Go Into Designing a Luxurious Master Bedroom?

By planning out your master suite the results can be luxurious and impressive. The design options available today are endless and you can imprint your personality on your bedroom to create you own sanctuary.

“Green” Interior Design Choices For Your Home Can Make a Difference!

By starting at home and making small changes to go green, we can all start to make a positive difference in the environment.

Using Lighting to Create Atmosphere and Mood!

By manipulating lighting schemes within a home, you can create different moods.

Bergen County Home Staging Services

Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign appears to be spending more time staging homes lately and with the addition of virtual shows and semi-custom window coverings, we really can meet all the homeowners needs in preparing the home for sale.