A Good Internet MLS Presence Will Help Sell Your Home!


Homes for sale that have 20 or more pictures on the Internet get the most traffic from potential buyers. Virtual shows are also very attractive to potential buyers. The Internet is how we attract the buyers into your home in today’s technology driven market. 

It is extremely important the you prepare your home before you take your MLS pictures that will get posted on the Internet for everyone to see.  The home with the best Internet pictures will most likely get the most buyer traffic to its’ front door.

Here is a quick list of what you should do:

1.   Clean each room. Get rid of any clutter and make sure all the counters sparkle and look fanstastic.

2.   Bathroom.  Please close the toilet lids and put in fresh towels.  Put your personal items and toothbrushes away please. Absolutely no medications on the sink.

3.   Outside your home.  Pick up all your yard debris and remove the cars from your driveway, this will make the picture look even better.

4.    Bring in some fresh flowers for your tables.  I always love fresh flowers, besides the smell they also look great in pictures.

5.   Garbage cans.  Please remove them from the room prior to taking your picture, a potential buyer does not want to see your over-flowing kitchen garbage can or your bathroom garbage.

6.   Lighting.  Take pictures with your lights turned on and off and with your blinds opened and closed.  This way you can post the pictures that look the best online.


Preparing your home before you take your MLS pictures is very important since over 85% of potential home buyers are starting their home searches on the Internet.  We cannot ignore the importance of technology when marketing your homes today!

Also, do not forget to crop those digital pictures after you take them.  If the picture is very dark, please use the photo light adjustment feature and lighten those photos up. You can also try the “auto-adjust” feature to see if this helps your pictures. If a potential buyer cannot see what the picture actually is, they may more on the the next online listing that has clear, bright pictures.

If you need help with this process please contact a local Realtor or home stager for help.  Remember, if a potential buyer does not like how your pictures look on the Internet chances are they will not come to your house to look at it. 

Remember, if you are planning on selling your home also make sure you leave your light on during the evening hours and that your house number is clearly marked.  A potential buyer may try to drive buy your home after work to take a look at your external curb appeal!  This is why it is important to keep those yards clean and neat.

Which bedroom do you think looks better?

Bedroom Before Staging.
Bedroom Before Staging.


Bedroom After Staging, Painting, & Cleaning.
Bedroom After Staging, Painting, & Cleaning.


 What a difference some simple preparation can make!  Which room do you think a potential buyer will want to visit?






Good luck with your Home Sale.



Contact Kate today to see how a home staging consultation can help sell your home, for more information please visit http://www.kateshomestaging.com or call 845-538-3623.

Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign serves the Rockland County and Orange County area of New York, Bergen County and Passaic County of New Jersey. Kate is an affiliate member of the Passaic County of Realtors.  Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign is now offering Full Digital Styling Services to sell your home quickly. In other words, we will bring in the accessories, we will stage your home, we will re-take all the digital pictures, and then we will load these pictures into a virtual show to help sell your home.  The virtual show is being offered to all our clients FREE of CHARGE to help SELL your home. 



Published by Kate

Welcome to my design blog. My name is Kate and I am the Owner/Designer at Kate's Home Staging and Redesign. I studied home staging at Home Staging Resource and Spaces School of Interior Redesign. Majoring in marketing at Fordham University and completely renovating my first home in 2003 , my design on a budget curiosity got the best of me. Kate's Home Staging and Redesign was founded in 2009. A large part of Kate's Home Staging and Redesign has been in residential home decorating, such as color consultations, furniture arrangements, space planning, window coverings selections, and more. If you live in the Orange County or Rockland County area of New York, Kate's Home Staging and Redesign is the expert home staging company you have been looking for. We will work within all budgets and can incorporate Feng Shui principles into your home design work to ensure your home is balanced and harmonious.

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