Home Staging in New Jersey and New York

Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign also serves the Bergen County area of new Jersey and the Pasaic County area of New Jersey and hopes to help as many homes as possible sell quickly and attract the largest potential home buyer audience.  Homes that have 20 pictures or more on the MLS receive the most traffic, so before you have your MLS pictures takes contact Kate so she can bring her accessories to your home to stage all your rooms to ensure each room will show well on the Internet MLS.

In today’s technology driven market, the importance of the Internet cannot be overlooked.  Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign offer a Full Digital Styling Package which includes accessories, room staging, digital picture taking and adjusting, and loading all your home’s pictures into a virtual show to ensure the largest pontential home buyer audience will be attracted.

There are three things that sell homes in today’s market:

1.  Your online pictures.  I have to agree with this, since over 85% of buyers are looking on the Internet first before visiting a home.  If your online home picture are not impressive, most potential buyers will not physically go to see your home.  In the age of the Internet, online marketing is very important.  Once you have perfected your online pictures, make sure buyers can locate your listing everywhere.  There are even sites that allow you to list your home for free such as Zillow.  Homes that have 20 pictures or more receive the most traffic on the Internet, so make sure your home has as many pcitures as possible online.

2.  Your home’s price.  If you are priced too high in your neighborhood, your home is not going to sell and it definitely will not sell quickly.  Your online marketing and your home’s price are the 2 most important things to get right when selling your home. This is something a qualified realtor and home stager can help you with.  To find a realtor in your area, you can go to realtor.com and take a look at the number of listings this realtor currently has.  This will help a home seller determine the realtor’s experience in your neighborhood. To find a home stager in your area, you can go to http://www.homestagingresource.com and select the Directory on the right hand side.  You can also try http://www.ashsr.comwhich is the American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners or http://www.realestatestagingassociation.com/which is the Real Estate Staging Assocation.  A staged home sells for 6-10% more money than a home that is not staged, in other words, your home could sell for $20,000 or more from a simple home staging!  Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign is a member in good standing of all three of the above staging associations.

3.  External Curb Appeal.  In this market, you need to have great curb appeal outside and draw potential buyers inside your home.  Please invest in some black or red mulch to make your flower beds pop and also make sure your house number is large enough and can be seem from the street.  A potential buyer will get frustrated if he/she cannot locate your home on a street because there is no number on it.  We are in a buyer’s market so please make sure the outside of your home looks neat, no debris and untidy yards.

These are the three items needed to attract a potential buyer into your home – the right price, the right online pictures, and great external curb appeal.  Of course, there are other items that influence whether your home will sell or not – like location – but we can change the above three items with some simple effort.

Once the potential buyer has entered your home please make sure your home is clean and has been maintained appropriately. Also, add some color in the form of accent pillows in your living rooms and bedrooms.  This is another very inexpensive fix to make your home look great. Also, do not overlook any simple home maintenance repairs. A leaky faucet can be fixed with a 50 cents washer and should not be overlooked if you are planning to sell your home.  Please paint stained walls, shampoo stained carpets, and clean everything twice.  You really do not want to scare off a potential buyer with a quick fix that you could do on your own in an hour or less.

If you are planning on selling your home, it is probably the largest investment you have and you need to market it as such. Spending a $1,000 – $2,000 to prepare your home for sale will help you receive top dollar for your home and could also speed up the sale of your home.


For more information, please contact Kate at 845-538-3623 or visit http://www.kateshomestaging.com.

Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign serves the Rockland County and Orange County area of New York, Bergen County and Passaic County of New Jersey. Kate is an affiliate member of the Passaic County of Realtors. Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign is now offering Full Digital Services to sell your home quickly. In other words, we will bring in the accessories, we will stage your home, we will re-take all the digital pictures, and then we will load these pictures into a virtual show to help sell your home. The virtual show is being offered to all our clients FREE of CHARGE to help SELL your home.

Published by Kate

Welcome to my design blog. My name is Kate and I am the Owner/Designer at Kate's Home Staging and Redesign. I studied home staging at Home Staging Resource and Spaces School of Interior Redesign. Majoring in marketing at Fordham University and completely renovating my first home in 2003 , my design on a budget curiosity got the best of me. Kate's Home Staging and Redesign was founded in 2009. A large part of Kate's Home Staging and Redesign has been in residential home decorating, such as color consultations, furniture arrangements, space planning, window coverings selections, and more. If you live in the Orange County or Rockland County area of New York, Kate's Home Staging and Redesign is the expert home staging company you have been looking for. We will work within all budgets and can incorporate Feng Shui principles into your home design work to ensure your home is balanced and harmonious.

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