New York Home Stager with An Extensive Accessory Collection

Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign has spent the better part of this year growing their inventory colleciton to be able to stage each and every vacant home that we are asked about.   Vacant homes do not show well and up to 90% of potential home buyers cannot visualize the actual size of a room when it is empty.  In order to stage a vacant home, large furniture is needed but it is the accessories that really make a home.

Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign has an extensive accessory collection that allows us to stage all vacant homes from the very small to the multi-million dollar home.  Here is a brief list of all the accessories, we have at our finger tips to loan out to our clients:
    –  framed paintings and unframed paintings
    –  decorative vases of all sizes and materials
    –  silk pillows
    –  metal wall art
    –  silk floral arrangements
    –  fake palm trees (over 5 feet tall)
    –  more tables than I care to list
    –  glass bowls of all sizes
    –  metal and wood staging trays
    –  full tea sets
    –  chenille throws
    –  clocks
    –  table lamps and wall standing lamps
    –  books
    –  laptops

And of course we have towels to match any bathroom decor, we have so many silk plants and varieties for every type of home and room.

And the list just goes on and on.  Being able to offer Vacant Home Staging accessory rental to my clients is very important to me and to my business.  I have partnered with American Furniture Rental (AFR) and CORT Furniture to be able to offer furniture rentals to my clients when necessary.  Being an HSR Certified Home Stager has allowed my to form these multiple vendor partnerships, which gives my vacant home staging further choices when it comes to furniture selection. 

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, in 2007 an unstaged vacant home would sit on the market 131 days versus a staged home would sell in 42 days.  Vacant homes take more than double the time to sell which is more cost to the home sellers (mortgage, taxes, upkeep).

 If you are interested in learning more about my vacant staging services or my extensive accessory collection, please visit or call 845-538-3623.   

– Kate

Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign serves the Rockland County and Orange County area of New York, Bergen County and Passaic County of New Jersey. Kate is an affiliate member of the Passaic County of Realtors. Kate’s Home Staging and Redesign is now offering Full Digital Services to sell your home quickly. In other words, we will bring in the accessories, we will stage your home, we will re-take all the digital pictures, and then we will load these pictures into a virtual show to help sell your home. The virtual show is being offered to all our clients FREE of CHARGE to help SELL your home.

Published by Kate

Welcome to my design blog. My name is Kate and I am the Owner/Designer at Kate's Home Staging and Redesign. I studied home staging at Home Staging Resource and Spaces School of Interior Redesign. Majoring in marketing at Fordham University and completely renovating my first home in 2003 , my design on a budget curiosity got the best of me. Kate's Home Staging and Redesign was founded in 2009. A large part of Kate's Home Staging and Redesign has been in residential home decorating, such as color consultations, furniture arrangements, space planning, window coverings selections, and more. If you live in the Orange County or Rockland County area of New York, Kate's Home Staging and Redesign is the expert home staging company you have been looking for. We will work within all budgets and can incorporate Feng Shui principles into your home design work to ensure your home is balanced and harmonious.

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