Different Holiday Decor Styles – Which Is Your Favorite?

No matter what your Holiday decorating style is, preparing for this time of year is an opportunity to create beautiful décor inside your home.  There is no wrong way to decorate as long as you enjoy yourself and your home. Whether your style in Traditional, Eclectic, Modern, or Minimalist, the real purpose of this timeContinue reading “Different Holiday Decor Styles – Which Is Your Favorite?”

When Do You Start Decorating Your Mantle for Christmas?

Well, Thanksgiving is only a few days away and in my house that means we start digging out all our Christmas decorations this Friday. One of my favorite things to decorate is the mantle over the fireplace.  From stocking to candles to pine-cones, there are really limitless ways we all can decorate. Here are someContinue reading “When Do You Start Decorating Your Mantle for Christmas?”