Feng Shui Advice – Mirrors in Your bedroom – Is this Bad Feng Shui?

Mirrors are a Feng Shui chi enhancement because this object can activate and circulate chi throughout your home. A well placed mirror can bring light into a dark area, reflect something beautiful, visually enlarge a small space, and provide s sense of safety. Since mirrors activate chi, their placement is always a good idea in your home office, kitchen, living room, or family room.

Your bedroom is a place for relaxation and reflection. Mirrors can activate energy in your bedroom, which can influence your sleep. The larger the mirror is, the more it will negatively influence your sleep.  Closet doors with mirrors are considered a problem and should be covered with a curtain that can be closed at night and opened during the day.  Another option for the mirrored closet doors would be to replace them with a wooden door.

Mirrors on top of dressers are another problem in bedrooms.  A simple solution would be to drape these mirrors with fabric during the night to ensure your sleep is not disturbed.  According to Western Feng Shui, the only time a small mirror is permitted in the bedroom is when the door cannot be seen from the bed. All other mirrors should be avoided in the bedroom.

When selecting a mirror (for your living room, kitchen, bathroom) it is important to ensure the mirror will reflect entire images.  For example, if you have a dressing mirror that chops your head it could affect how you feel about yourself negatively.  Also, it is best to avoid mirrors that are broken up with decorative bevels.  Mirrors should never be placed directly across from each other, this creates an endless reflection which can be very confusing.

So, if you are having trouble sleeping in your bedroom perhaps it is the active chi in your mirrors keeping you up at night. Covering your bedroom mirrors with fabric for a few nights may be worth trying to see how much better you are able to sleep.

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